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Pipeline checkout scm fails silently when a slave has a connectivity issue


      In the following case, 

      • Jenkins multibranch pipeline job is configured to connect to SCM (git) using an SSH key
      • Jenkins master has HTTP(S) and SSH connectivity to SCM (git)
      • Swarm slave agent has HTTP(S) connectivity, but not SSH connectivity to SCM (git)

      The following happens:

      • Job initiates from master; Jenkinsfile is read,
      • Hand off to swarm agent occurs. Checkout SCM step fails (very little detail; job continues) 
      • The job fails further down the line with an error due to not picking up SCM


      • An output message showing that the agent was not able to checkout SCM.
      • (The job continuing is ok as you don't always need the SCM checkout files.)

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