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Add Rebuild action for users who can Build but not Replay (was: Users with only Job/Configure shouldn't be able to replay jobs)


    • Pipeline - October, Pipeline - December

      As a Jenkins administrator, I would like for developers to be able to configure jobs, but only have certain users able to build those jobs. Through various means like RBAC and controlled agents, I have given jobs in a certain folder the ability to access agents and secrets. While I trust developers to configure those jobs, I have business requirements to only allow certain users to build those jobs.

      However, Jenkins allows users to Replay a build even if they don't have the Run/Replay or Job/Build permissions. This seems to due the fact that Run/Replay is implied by Job/Configure.

      Put another way, Job/Build isn't implied by Job/Configure, so why does Job/Configure imply Run/Replay? Instead, it seems like Run/Replay should only be implied if a user has both Job/Build and Job/Configure.

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