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No automatic builds for tags


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    • Jenkins 2.73.2, Git Plugin 3.6.0, Pipeline: Multibranch 2.16

      After upgrading to the Git Plugin 3.6.0 I activated the "Discover Tags" option in a Multibranch Pipeline Job. The tag is also discovered as expected, but no build is triggered.


      Checking tags... 
      Checking tag PNR-12345 
      ‘Jenkinsfile’ found 
      Met criteria 
      Changes detected: PNR-12345 (null → d56c6578f5f04403f4bd64bf2647f3dd0f36e826) 
      No automatic builds for PNR-12345
       Processed 1 tags

      I expected that a new build is triggered, when a new tag is found. How to achieve this?


            markewaite Mark Waite
            pmr Philipp Moeller
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