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Run parameter behaves differently between input step and job parameter


      When --JENKINS-27295-- was implemented there was a specific serialisation check in place that blocked RunParamaterValue from adding to the params array that provides access to the real object, rather than a string representation of it.

      On some recent testing if an input step is used to request a build be selected:


        wah = input message: '', parameters: [run(description: '', filter: 'SUCCESSFUL', name: '', projectName: 'cme/example_02_artefact/master')]

      Then the object returned is the Run object that you can then do getDisplayName or getDescription on ...


      If instead of an input step a build parameter is used: 

      properties([parameters([run(description: 'Select the version of the artifact to deploy', filter: 'SUCCESSFUL', name: 'deploy_artifact', projectName: 'cme/example_02_artefact/master')])])

      Then the variable (direct or through env.foo) is just the $BUILD_URL of the build selected as a string, and there's no Run object on params to access more detail about that build.


      These should be made consistent so that either the input step only returns the string job_url to match the build params, or the Run object itself should be accessible when using a build parameter ... naturally I'd prefer the latter as it's way more flexible.


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