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New jobs not validating github webhook filters


      We have a Github repo that can trigger multiple builds based on certain filters.  The most obvious one is the branch and then some are filtered down based on the Included Regions filter (ie Jenkins is triggered based on which path files are committed to).  As an example:

      • App-AuthAPI
      • App-LookupAPI
      • App-DBAPI

      Each one is from the same repo however, App-DBAPI was added recently and is triggered no matter what happens (random branch is deleted, a commit to a completely different branch).  I have a test build that I modified and that worked fine based on filters.  When I created anything new, none of the filters are respected.

      I restarted Jenkins and the filters are fine for about 10 minutes before it goes back to triggering for every event in the repo.  I've tested cloning projects, to recreating from scratch, to doing the most basic thing (ie random string branch that doesn't actually exist) and it's still triggering the build no matter what.

      The regular jenkins log just shows that it's poking each project and then triggers App-DBAPI but without reason.  I've tried enabling extra logging in https://jenkins.com/log but there's a lot of noise

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