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add the runPCT step to the git-plugin on a PR basis


    • Evergreen - Milestone 1

      We need to modify the git-plugin flow so it runs the PCT on PR basis for git-plugin and all the critical upstream dependencies

       Acceptance criteria

      • For every PR to the git-plugin there is a run of the PCT exercising all git-plugin upstream dependencies
      • The run has to be against a TBD version of Jenkins core
        • Latest one
        • The one included in essentials
        • Latest LTS
      • What are the versions of the git-plugin dependencies to use? TBD cc jglick rarabaolaza oleg_nenashev
        • For example the ones included in essentials, the latest ones? Or more generally, what environment are we going to use for this PCT run? The UC, a custom UC generated from essentials.yml a war file generated from the new custom war packager tool using essentials.yml as source...

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