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Evaluate impact on NetBeans workflows


      • comment out mirrors section in ~/.m2/settings.xml so we are starting from scratch
      • rm -rfv ~/.m2/repository/test/
      • run NB dev build from today
      • open https://github.com/jglick/mrp-test/commit/2b028349cae8627d519b2787e1155221eb52cfe9 and child modules
      • also https://github.com/jglick/mrp-test/commit/42f40a4b3177e838e2e7babffdf0f4f206ea76f4
      • two » Dependencies shows one as a snapshot, good
      • install on root is fine (snapshots)
      • can also build downstream and do CoS tests
      • switch downstream dep to 2.37-SNAPSHOT → oops, need to move flatten-maven-plugin into consume-incrementals profile, forgot MNG-6066 conclusion again
      • OK, now can use CoS tests
      • from upstream, mvn -Dset.changelist clean deploy
      • switch downstream dep to 2.37-rc19.7e5250a340a5, fine
      • use MRP upstream, switch downstream dep to it, fine
      • configure IDE to use Maven 3.5.3, fine

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