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EventDispatcher and ConcurrentLinkedQueue ate my JVM


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      We started running out of memory in our JVM (Xmx 8G) and when looking at Melody's memory (heap) histogram (JENKINS_URL/monitoring?part=heaphisto) the top two items were:


      Class Size (Kb) % size Instances % instances Source
      org.jenkinsci.plugins.ssegateway.sse.EventDispatcher$Retry 2,890,399 44 92,492,793 43  
      java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentLinkedQueue$Node 2,167,981 33 92,500,553 43  

      77% (and growing as we were researching the problem) of the memory was being used by these two items.

      I have two support bundles from this time and an .hprof as well.

      I can either screen share with someone or if you can tell me how to analyze these files I would be happy to.

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