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JEP-200 Compatibility failing to serialize packages needed for successfully passing java pipeline triggered by push on Gitlab


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    • Ubuntu Xenial 16.04, Jenkins up to date, Gitlab 10.8.2-ee going to be updated soon to last version.

      Im now trying to integrate Gitlab with Jenkin's CI. I did an example pipeline, configured it with my GitLab's PR. If I manually build the pipeline its result is a success but when it's triggered by a push to my Gitlab's PR (this is how i really want it to be).
      .- WebHook working fine.
      .- Gitlab Plugin working fine.

      I'd like to know any suggestion to do, any workaround, I would like to know if the XStream is getting whitelisted anytime soon since i need de CI/CD working fine asap.

      The source code its in JAVA, using maven (Don't remember the version).

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