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Jenkins unresponsive when using native https


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      We are trying to run jenkins using https as described here : https://wiki.jenkins.io/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=135468777

       At first it appeared to work properly, but now the Jenkins web server is unresponsive. Https requests timeout, both when accessing the web pages through a browser and using the http API from other tools.

      We tried taking out the https related java parameters and it appears to work with http only.

      However, when using both http and https on different ports, Jenkins is unresponsive on both ports.


      Jenkins does not appear to be running out of memory. It is running dozens of threads but they don't seem to be consuming much CPU time.

      Looking at the thread dump does not seem to indicate a deadlock, at least some thread are still running.

      Furthermore, we run builds every night and they appear to be running properly. However, since we use http requests to fetch the logs, we have little more then the build result to go on.

      Outside of Jenkins, our build is not very stable but has comparable stability to what Jenkins seems to be reporting.


      Update 1:

      Jenkins version is 2.121.1


      Update 2:

      Looking at various logs. It appears that:

       - Native Https was working on May 29, which is when we started using https instead of http.

       - Jenkins was Upgraded from version 2.107.3 to version 2.121.1 on June 07.

       - We observed that Jenkins was unresponsive on June 08.


      Update 3:

      After reverting Jenkins to version  2.107.3,

      I can confirm that Native Https support was broken in version 2.121.1.

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