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Restarting Parallel Stages


    • Declarative backlog

      This issue is based on JENKINS-45455 which solves the issue of restarting a Jenkins Pipeline from Top-Level stages.

      When building on multiple platforms, the builds are usually ran in parallel. We should be able to replay the build of a single platform. (e.g. if the Win64 build fails, we do not want to retrigger the already successful Macos and Linux builds)
      In a multiplatform build pipeline, the steps taking the most time are the "build" steps themselves and they are running in parallel to get fast build times. Restarting from a top level in that context boils down to re-running the whole job.

      Use cases

      • Restarting a Jenkins Pipeline from a sub-stage or parallel stage
      • Given the following graph, we should be able to replay from any stage (e.g. Build-Win64, Test-MacOs, Deploy) :
        Build-Win64 -> Test-Win64 -| 
        Build-Win32 -> Test-Win32 -|-> Deploy
        Build-MacOS -> Test-MacOS -|
        Build-Linux -> Test-Linux -|


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