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noncps function is silently aborted


      The function annotated with @NonCPS in the attached Jenkinsfile is not executed completely. There is no report about that. If it is not allowed to call e.g. 'sh' in a NonCPS context than i would at least expect to get an Exception. But silently not executing parts of the test-code is really bad.

      If the pipeline will be extended, that it returns some Integer value, the return value is null in the caller.

      This is a snippet from the attached pipeline

       println('call cps')
       cps() println('call non-cps')
       println('exit pipeline') 


      The cps and non_cps functions are the same, but with different println and the non_cps is annoted with @NonCPS:

         println("enter cps")
         sh "ls"
         println("exit cps") 

      And this is the relevant part of the build log

      00:00:05.956 call cps[Pipeline] echo

      00:00:06.621 cps - enter[Pipeline] sh

      00:00:07.032 [workspace@2] Running shell script*

      00:00:07.288* + ls[Pipeline] echo

      00:00:07.730 cps - exit[Pipeline] echo

      00:00:08.052 call non-cps[Pipeline] echo

      00:00:08.640 non_cps - enter[Pipeline] sh

      00:00:09.007 [workspace@2] Running shell script*

      00:00:09.263* + ls[Pipeline] echo

      the non_cpx exit print is missing here!


      00:00:09.782 exit pipeline

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