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A connection interruption causes the pipeline to fail when USE_WATCHING=true


      Run Jenkins with -Dorg.jenkinsci.plugins.workflow.steps.durable_task.DurableTaskStep.USE_WATCHING=true. Add an agent launched via SSH (the launch method may not be important; this is just what I've observed the issue with).

      Add a pipeline job with this script:

      node('mynode') {
          sh '''#!/bin/sh -e
              for n in $(seq 100); do
                  echo "$n"
                  sleep 1
          sh 'echo OK'

      Run the pipeline. When it starts printing numbers to the log, disconnect the master from the network. After 30 seconds, reconnect it.

      What happens is that for a while (haven't measured, but it feels like a couple of minutes) nothing new appears in the log. After that, the job instantly completes, but:

      • Some of the output is missing from the log.
      • The "echo OK" step doesn't run.
      • The pipeline fails with an EOFException.

      I'm attaching a full example log.

      By contrast, with USE_WATCHING=false the log resumes a few seconds after the reconnection, no output is skipped and the job succeeds.

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