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Jenkins is not triggering build on any pullrequest created in bitbucket repo




      I am using Bitbucket cloud service for repositories and Jenkins for builds. I am able to run my pipeline and trigger automatically when a new push chnages to a specified branch and have multiple jobs. E.g I have dev, stage, production environments for android builds. Whenever some one push to those branches in Bitbucket cloud, so jenkins is able to trigger build automatically against its branches. But I have another job in jenkins which is created for developers to test their code before merging it into other branch.  It is pr job which must execute when someone created any pull request then it should trigger build against it but it is not working.

      I have installed all the plugins mentioned above to fulfill my requirement but jenkins is not able to trigger build when someone created a pull request from any branch to any branch.

      Please suggest some configurations on jenkins side so that it will be able to trigger build when a new pr created or updated.


        1. Bitbucket-Jenkins Build Trigger Settings.jpg
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          Hassaan Sohail
        2. Bitbucket-Jenkins Build Trigger Settings.jpg
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        10. Bitbucket Request Response on Bitbucct Generic Plugin.jpg
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        11. Bitbucket Request Response on Bitbucket Pull request Builder Plugin.jpg
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        12. Bitbucket Request Response on Bitbucket Pull request Builder Plugin.jpg
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