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Artifacts and workspace not accessible after upgrade from LTS 2.138 to 2.150.2+ (IIS reverse proxy)


    • Jenkins 2.168

      Using IIS reverse proxy, on LTS 2.138 artifacts and workspace were accessible through web UI as expected.  Windows Server 2016 using MSFT docker container, OpenJDK8 or 11 (currently 8) to load jenkins.war file on container start.

      After upgrade to LTS 2.150.2, or mainstream 2.164, artifacts are no longer visible on the jobs through the web UI, and accessing job workspaces present a 403 error.

      HTTP ERROR 403

      Problem accessing /job/<job_name_redacted>/ws/. Reason:

      Trying to access a file outside of the directory, target:


      Powered by Jetty:// 9.4.z-SNAPSHOT


      Attempted upgrade of container to OpenJDK 11, same errors occur.

      Job artifacts are created and present on local file system.  Workspace is created and present on local file system.  Job will build project, just won't present the results/workspace through the UI.

      Downgrading back to LTS 2.138 and the job artifacts and workspaces are visible/accessible with same IIS configuration.

      IIS reverse proxy reference:  https://wiki.jenkins.io/display/JENKINS/Running+Jenkins+behind+IIS (instead of localhost and host file, used container IP address directly).  Tested as working in 2.138, fails on 2.150.2+, works correctly when reverted to 2.138.

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