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jiraAddComment terminates the step prematurely


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    • jira-steps-plugin
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    • jenkins 2.150.3
      Jira Pipeline Steps 1.4.4

      At the end of my pipeline, I am iterating the changeSets and the commits therein looking for strings that match Jira tickets, in order to update all Jira's with code present in a build.  In theory, this could result in multiple Jiras needing to be updated, so this is done in a loop, potentially making multiple calls to jiraAddComment(..).   However, the entire step stops (seems to return success) once the first jiraAddComment is completed.

      See attached source and output.  Following call to jiraAddComment(..), the subsequent echo should fire indicating that execution flow has continued.  The first jiraAddComment appears in the log (and the comment appears in Jira).  However, no subsequent echos in the log.  No subsequent call to jiraAddComment in the log, and no subsequent comments in Jira. 

      It is as-if execution stops at the first call to jiraAddComment

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