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Handling job name especially default state in parameters field for /pipeline-syntax/ styling needs work


      1. Visit /pipeline-syntax/
      2. Sample step: Build a job
      3. Note that the parameters area is empty:
      4. Enter a job that doesn't exist
      5. Press tab to give the plugin a hint to update
      6. See "No such job {jobname}"   
      7. Clear the job field
      8. See a note about no such job:

      Expected results:

      1. There should generally be a hint about why an area is blank. Special casing the default view vs. the entered and cleared state for parameters should not happen. It's ok to not show the this field is blank for the input field.
      2. When listing a job name in a sentence, it should be clear which is the job name, either using style (bold/italic/underline) or quotes (`... ` or '...').

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