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timestamper 1.9 breaks warnings-ng's ability to find source files


    • 5.0.0 (analysis-model and warnings-ng)

      In timestamper 1.9, the log format was changed.  When I enable timestamper on a pipeline job, then scan it with warnings-ng, it detects errors but incorrectly parses the filename — it considers the timestamp to be part of the filename.

      To reproduce the issue, install both plugins and run this pipeline job:

      node {
          timestamps {
              sh """
                  echo '#error This is an error.' > test.c
                  clang test.c || true
              recordIssues tools: [clang(id: 'clang', name: 'clang')]

      and the console log says:

      00:00:01.047  test.c:1:2: error: This is an error.
      00:00:06.276  [clang] [ERROR] Can't resolve absolute paths for some files:
      00:00:06.276  [clang] [ERROR] - [2019-03-08T15:46:53.268Z] test.c
      00:00:06.276  [clang] [ERROR] Can't create fingerprints for some files:
      00:00:06.276  [clang] [ERROR] - '[2019-03-08T15:46:53.268Z] test.c', IO exception has been thrown: java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: [2019-03-08T15:46:53.268Z] test.c

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            smokris Steve Mokris
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