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Maven versions not selectable in "Global Tool Configuration"


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      we are hosting 3 jenkins instances in 3 AWS accounts.

      All 3 are running with the same version, were setup via the same scripts, using the same OS images, have the same patching cycle.

      Since we are using build slaves on demand I configured jenkins to automatically install maven after launching a slave.

      The problem is now, that on each instance, the list of installable maven versions is different.

      Please see the screenshots.

      As jenkins1 is our main instance, where we build our applications and jenkins2 and jenkins3 are "only" deployment instances, we need maven on jenkins1. But I am not able to install a version higher than 3.3.9, it is just not selectable.

      I already grepped through the whole jenkins directory, hoping to find some url which could be configured, but found nothing. There is also no error in any of the logs.

      We restarted, reloaded from configuration, "checked" the update site in the Plugin Manager. All did not help.


      Can you help us out here?

      Thank you

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