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High master CPU usage introduced by Blue Ocean 1.14.0


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    • BlueOcean 1.14.0
      Jenkins 1.168
    • 1.15.0

      We went from BO 1.13.2 to BO 1.14.0.
      After the upgrade, we have seen a major CPU increase on our Jenkins master, leading to really slow UI and job execution, with threads being locked - see screenshot.

      Our master is configured to not run any job ("only build jobs with label expression matching this node").
      Using Jenkins monitor, we saw that ~90% of the CPU time was consumed by calls to the rest endpoint /blue/rest/organizations/jenkins/computers - see screenshot.

      Looking at the release notes from 1.14.0, it seems that JENKINS-52825 has introduced that endpoint and should be an area to investigate.

      We had to rollback BO to 1.13.2 which does not exhibit that behavior.

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