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Initial Job for Pipelines Components cannot see jobs in 3rd level Folder


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    • Jenkins ver. 2.161
      Delivery Pipeline Plugin 1.3.2
      Host OS: Ubuntu Trusty

      I'm converting bunch of legacy projects in freestyle jobs from other Jenkins master to centralised one. Trying to keep things tidy I tend to put jobs into project specific folders.

      So hence my main view looks like this:

      • FOLDER 1
      • FOLDER 2
      • FOLDER x
      • Cleaning job

      See the screenshots below:

      Main dashboard in a Folder 2 in a Folder 3 in a subfolder of Folder 3

      And inside the FOLDER 3 (aka G), there are another 3 folders and in those folders there are bunch of Pipeline jobs.

      When I attempt to create Delivery Pipeline View under one of those subfolders, the pipelines Components for selection from Initial Job dropdown list doesn't contains any pipeline from the nested sub-sub folder.

      Steps to reproduce


      The following folder hierarchy and pipelines exists:

      • Folder G
        • Folder A
          • Pipeline A Trunk A
          • Pipeline A Trunk B
          • Pipeline A Trunk Core
      1. Navigate to the folder Jenkins > G > A folder as possible to see on the figure below:
      2. There I click the little to create a new view and choose Delivery Pipeline View
      3. Fill up all necessary details and scroll at the bottom of the config page
      4. Under Pipelines click Add button for Components
        1. Give it a name
        2. Click on Initial Job dropdown list.

      Expected Results

      • I can see all the pipelines/job existing in my Jenkins instance, including:
        • G >> A >> Pipeline A Trunk A
        • G >> A >> Pipeline A Trunk B
        • G >> A >> Pipeline A Trunk C...
      • I can select any of the existing jobs

      Actual Results

      • I cannot see pipelines from the sub-sub-nested Folder, in my case: G > A
        • Pipeline A Trunk A
        • Pipeline A Trunk B
        • Pipeline A Trunk Core

      See screenshot below


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