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(Question) Jenkins logs in UTC since 2.177


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      In the past I had configured Jenkins log format via Java system property, this is starting from Jenkins v2.177 thanks to https://github.com/jenkinsci/winstone/pull/63 no more necessary (and also no more taken into account or overridden – which is OK).

      Turning now to my question, however: I was wondering, if hard-coding the timezone for Jenkins server logs to UTC is really on purpose or not, or is good or bad? (cf. https://github.com/jenkinsci/support-core-plugin/commit/8f35dd1ad5e0c5e498e5579bcf6671f11bf6d3c7#diff-046257f44dc4c390341c1e16a4b4e42c)
      Of course it only makes a difference for humans looking at the log lines, because any log analysis software or central logging will convert it correctly anyhow.
      And frankly I also have no proper opinion on whether this is good or bad: I just noticed the difference and was irritated...

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