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Unable to push a docker image to Cloud Foundry


      Hi Team,

      I am trying to push a docker registry image to CloudFoundry using the Cloud Foundry Plugin. I have added registry url and username in manifest.yml file and providing the password in the environment variable as mentioned in cf docs. The application fails in the staging step.

      It says,
      java.lang.IllegalStateException: Application SpringDemo-3 failed during staging

      It actually doesn't consider it as a docker deployment. Rather it considers it as a normal application deployment and searches for the buildpack.

      2019-07-08T19:23:14.80+0530 [STG/0] ERR None of the buildpacks detected a compatible application


      Are there any sample pipelines where a docker image is being pushed to CloudFoundry?



      • Attached the Jenkinsfile (with few values changed for security reasons) and error logs.
      • Jenkins has been installed as a PCF tile.



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