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Symbols for Extensions


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      Its currently possible to use the following dsl below when checking out code in a declarative pipeline:

          branches: [[name: '*/master']],
          extensions: [[
            $class: 'RelativeTargetDirectory', 
            relativeTargetDir: 'some-dir'


      It would be nice if it could support a richer dsl rather than the current $class syntax for extensions. e.g. something like:


          branches: [[name: '*/master']],
          extensions: [[


      This could be something i could help contribute if its acceptable?!

      Implementation Process

      • List existing symbol definitions from configuration as code matched with $Class samples for that symbol (create a checklist of symbols to create)
      • Select a symbol and add a test for the symbol as a $Class form
      • Add the symbol
      • Add a test that uses the symbol instead of the $Class form
      • Confirm symbol appears in Pipeline syntax generator
      • Confirm symbol appears in Configuration as Code
      • Confirm configuration as code can still read previous configuration files
      • Write help for the symbol, assure it is clear, correct, complete, and visible in the online Pipeline syntax
      • Write documentation for the symbol in the plugin README so that it is available outside of Jenkins

      Existing Symbol Definitions

      JCasC Parent JCasC Symbol Class Sample Symbol Sample
      Col A0 Col A1 Col A2  
      git branches branches  
      branches name branches: [[name: 'origin/master']] branches: [[name: 'origin/master']]
      extensions localBranch [$class:'LocalBranch', localBranch: '**'] localBranch('**')
      traits localBranch N/A (not in a Jenkinsfile) localBranchTrait

      See the Karl Shultz pull request for progress.

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