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Metastep support for checkout step


      As noted JENKINS-29922, we should extend simplified syntax to the checkout step used with SCMs. Proposed task list:

      • make checkout be a metastep
      • add a @Symbol to a sample SCM, such as hg on MercurialSCM, and verify that hg can then be run like a top-level step
      • define an API by which GenericSCMStep/config.jelly could detect that Snippetizer were passing it a particular delegateDescriptor (like MercurialSCM.DescriptorImpl) and switch to an alternate mode in which f:dropdownDescriptorSelector is replaced by the inlined MercurialSCM/config.jelly
      • investigate whether @Symbol plus tweaks to the parameters on GitSCM and SubversionSCM would allow us to suppress the custom git and subversion step extensions (thus using checkout implicitly) when running on a sufficiently new version of workflow-cps + workflow-scm-step
      • update WorkflowPluginTest.linearFlow (or .parallelTests) to demonstrate that git now automatically accepts, say, extensions

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