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Change in treatment of Success - Stable vs. Unstable


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      We've recently noticed on our Jenkins instance (at build.kde.org) that builds which are unstable are no longer considered "Successful" by Jenkins.

      This means that all of our views are now broken, because we've used "Successful" as meaning it successfully built (even if tests failed). Our expectations appear to align with the Jenkins terminology guide ( https://wiki.jenkins.io/display/JENKINS/Terminology )

      This behaviour appeared sometime after Jenkins 2.184, and can be viewed at https://build.kde.org/job/Applications/view/Everything%20-%20stable-kf5-qt5/job/kopete/job/stable-kf5-qt5%20SUSEQt5.12/

      (Note that only Build #1 is considered Successful, even though all builds of that job had the result of being Unstable. The correct behaviour in this instance should be for the latest Successful activity for that job to be Build #4 - as it did complete successfully, even if it is unstable)

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