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Misleading log message when no e-mail is sent


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    • mailer 1.24, Jenkins 2.176.2

      Given the attached Groovy pipeline script (irrelevant parts removed), mailer plugin complais with the following error message: 
      No mail will be sent out, as 'XXX' does not have a result yet. Please make sure you set a proper result in case of pipeline/build scripts.
      It complains even though the build result is SUCCESS.

      It worked several days ago, before an update of Jenkins and certain plugins.+


      Is there anybody experiencing a similar issue? Maybe there is something wrong in my script, but it worked before, during months.

      If there is any workaround to avoid this, it will be welcome

       EDIT: When no e-mail has to be sent, a misleading message is printed in build log. I would not consider this a bug, but removing this message (or changing its text) would be an improvement

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