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MatrixCombinationsParameter for scripted pipeline with its checkboxes table and shortcuts(All, failed, none, etc) in "Build with parameters" section


      Would be great to implement matrix parameter table with checkboxes and shortcuts to select (such as "all", "failed", "none") in "Build with parameters" page via scripted pipeline. 

      So suppose that we should modify Matrix Configuration Parameter plugin - it already has MatrixCombinationsParameterDefinition:

      node('labels') {
                  [$class: 'MatrixCombinationsParameterDefinition', description: '', name: 'myMatrix', shortcutList: [[$class: 'ResultShortcut', exact: false, name: 'Successful', resultsToCheck: ['SUCCESS']], [$class: 'ResultShortcut', exact: false, name: 'Failed', resultsToCheck: ['FAILURE']], [$class: 'All'], [$class: 'None']]]

      but there will be error in "Build with parameters" page (that we should fix): 

      myMatrix Not applicable. Applicable only to multi-configuration projects.

      Found the line where this check happen - but do not understand how we can fix it... Maybe we should add one more check to line 21 if our pipeline has axes(found it via config.xml in matrix job) or MatrixCombinationsParameterValue specified in job itself? (to tie it with MatrixCombinationsParameterDefinition) Any support will be appreciated.


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