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JVM thread "Idle HTTP Connection Closer" eats unlimited memory.


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      We have a Jenkins master instance running, which checks out (pipeline) build scripts and shared libraries on the master machine with the tfs plugin.


      We noticed that the Jenkins master Java binary kept eating up more and more heap until it ran out. We attached VisualVM and noticed, that over time the thread "Idle HTTP Connection Closer" was using or leaking all the memory. See the screenshot. As far as I understand, this thread is part of the team-explorer-everywhere implementation (https://github.com/microsoft/team-explorer-everywhere/blob/master/source/com.microsoft.tfs.core.ws.runtime/src/com/microsoft/tfs/core/ws/runtime/transport/IdleHTTPConnectionCloser.java), which i assume is used in this plugin.


      Any idea what we can do here? Any help would be greatly appreciated. As it stands now, we are having to restart the master every so often before it runs out. Crappy.

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