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Jenkins PR(pull request) build fails for 1st time


      When I create a pull request in Bitbucket my build fails, see attached image for details. 

      Couldn't find remote ref refs/pull-requests/42/from
      • Another thing I have noticed is that when I go to Jenkins UI and re-trigger the build it builds without any errors.
      • Next if I commit to my branch/PR build runs without errors
      • Next when I decline the PR and then open the same PR it again fails and this time when I try to re trigger build from Jenkins UI it continues to fail with the same error and I end up with having to
        • create a new PR with the only solution to run my build pipeline, OR
        • I do a new commit  and that triggers a successful build

      My environments are: 

      • Jenkins ver. 2.197
      • Bitbucket Branch Source plugin 2.4.6

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