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Parameterized Remote Trigger plugin falsely reports retry limit exceeding hiding cause of true issue


      We are using the parameterized remote trigger plugin to trigger a job on another instance of jenkins.

      There are some issues that the plugin falsely reports as 'Retry Limit exceeded' even though it only tried one and the retry limit is 5.

      Once case that I managed to confirm of this was if the remote job has a choice parameter and you pass a value that is not in the remote jobs choice list for that param. The plugin reports the retry limit has been exceeded.

      I managed to figure that out myself, by using postman, which exposed the real error message telling me the issue, however the problem has arrisen again.

      In jenkins the plugin reports retry limit exceeded after 1 try. However I have used postman again and passed the same params as the job in jenkins and it works fine, so it must be something else. What that is I have no idea though as the true problem is being hidden

            cashlalala KaiHsiang Chang
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