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Jobs are started on master instead of EC2 slaves randomly


    • EC2-Plugin 2.0.2

      Jenkins master runs on an AWS Linux 2. Jenkins uses the EC2 plugin to create slaves whenever needed and many jobs are assigned to slaves using the labels.

      Since upgrading to EC2 plugin 1.49 (and to Jenkins 2.217 which contains remoting 4.0) some jobs - randomly, it seems - are started on the master node instead of using the started slaves. The aws slave is started, but the workspace is created on master (in the user's home which should have been used on the slave). The job's console log says it is running on the slave but it is not true.

      Maybe this is not related to EC2 plugin as I don't see any change related to this problem in the 1.49 version's release history.

      Attachment: I created a snapshot about a node's script console page while - according to the Jenkins logs - it was used for building. I asked for the hostname and although the name of the node suggests it is a slave node, the hostname belongs to the master. And of course the workspace was created on master.

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