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Allow dynamic stage names


      I would like the ability to have stage names be dynamic strings. This is useful, for instance, when defining stages within a matrix, so that the stage names can contain the values of the axes. (Part of the problem here is that Blue Ocean doesn't render matrixes well at all.) Right now attempting to do this yields an error because stage names can only be string literals, not Groovy strings (interpolation).

      Note that I am not looking for the steps within the stage to be dynamic.


      matrix {
          axes {
              axis {
                  name 'PLATFORM'
                  values 'linux', 'mac', 'windows'
          stages {
              stage("Build ${PLATFORM}") {
                  // ...
              stage("Test ${PLATFORM}") {
                  // ...
              stage("Deploy ${PLATFORM}") {
                  // ...

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