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Agent connection error using nginx proxy with WebSocket


    • Jenkins 2.248

      I'm using nginx in a proxy setup. One public/ingress with a single upstream Jenkins instance. The attached docker-compose file can be used to recreate the exact environment. My test docker is running on Windows 10. The domain "ingress" was added hosts file as " ingress" for convenience.

      Basic Jenkins setup steps, root URL is set to _http://ingress/jenkins/

      Agent is connecting via JNPL with WebSocket option enabled. The following error message is reported:

      C:\workdir\jenkins\http\agent-1>java -jar agent.jar -jnlpUrl http://ingress/jenkins/computer/agent-1/slave-agent.jnlp -secret 4068cc653d7d0ca16f72404ac6ad62d5fe19f5798f5b3f0807c6ecf50fba4353 -workDir "c:\workdir\jenkins\http\agent-1"
      Jul 08, 2020 8:33:25 PM org.jenkinsci.remoting.engine.WorkDirManager initializeWorkDir
      INFO: Using c:\workdir\jenkins\http\agent-1\remoting as a remoting work directory
      Jul 08, 2020 8:33:26 PM org.jenkinsci.remoting.engine.WorkDirManager setupLogging
      INFO: Both error and output logs will be printed to c:\workdir\jenkins\http\agent-1\remoting
      JNLP file http://ingress/jenkins/computer/agent-1/slave-agent.jnlp?encrypt=true has invalid arguments: [4068cc653d7d0ca16f72404ac6ad62d5fe19f5798f5b3f0807c6ecf50fba4353, agent-1, -webSocket, -workDir, c:\workdir\jenkins\http\agent-1, -internalDir, remoting, -url, http://ingress/jenkins/, -url, http://jenkins:8080/jenkins/, -headless, -workDir, c:\workdir\jenkins\http\agent-1, -internalDir, remoting]
      Most likely a configuration error in the master
      -webSocket supports only a single -url

      There are 2 URLs in the parameter list which is rejected.

      I cannot rule out the possibility of nginx configuration issue, but I followed all the guidelines.


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