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Cannot save configurations for any item outside of security



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      I've recently setup a new Jenkins server on a linux virtual machine on Azure.  I followed instructions from an article on how to set up HTTPS for Jenkins via a reverse proxy. The reverse proxy is using nginx which was partly set up via Certbot. I'm using Azure AD Authentication with Azure Active Directory with Role-Matrix Permissions.

      When attempting to configure any item within Jenkins, I'm unable to save elements. Clicking Save or Apply on the bottom does nothing. There's no banner on the top of the window that says that the configuration was saved and there's no notification/stack trace telling me that an error occurred. When I took a look at the Inspect window, I did several console errors mostly involving Hudson.

      To attempt to reproduce:

      • Install and setup Jenkins and a reverse proxy with the article. It includes installing OpenJDK 8, Jenkins, Nginx, Certbot, as well as setting up the reverse proxy.
      • Go through the normal setup, but also install the Github plug-in
      • If you want, install Azure plugins provided in the environment section
      • If you want, enable authentication with Azure AD
      • Create either a Github organization project or a Freestyle project
      • Attempt to configure the project. Hopefully, it should demonstrate that you won't be able to save the configuration for that job.

      I can send more information if the information isn't enough to go off of.




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