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P4 Polling does not work correctly if changelist is specified during sync


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    • p4-plugin
    • Jenkins 2.263.3
      P4-Plugin 1.11.2

      If a changelist is specified in scm: checkout, p4 polling does not work.  The result is the specified changelist is used in the range:  


      P4: Polling with range: 53910841,53910841 

      p4 changes -m20 //clientname_/...@53910841,53910841


      This result, is polling will not detect any subsequent changes.  


      If changelist is not specified during scm: checkout, 


      P4: Polling with range: 53910841,now 

      p4 changes -m20 //clientname_/...@53910841,now


      P4 plugin should always use "now" for the higher end of the range, regardless if a changelist was specified or not.  




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