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Staggered copy artifact and high load



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      After running Jenkins for a couple of weeks, we start seeing high load when multiple jobs are copying artifacts at the same time. 


      During investigation I found that instead of copying artifacts all in one go, it's copyied in chucks of 5 seconds with a 15 second delay between chucks. This not only means that copying artifcats take 4 times as long, but it also seems to increase loading times on the web interface which in turns triggers our monitoring system for Jenkins healthcheck 


      The Jenkins Dashboard also shows a number of jobs in progress on the master, but also not using the single executor on the master. I assume this means it's running on the master, but it's not a job component ? Maybe a clearer way of show what the jobs is doing on the master would help with troubleshooting as well ? I've attached a screenshot as well. 


      I've attached a screenshot of nload while experiencing the issue as well as a jstack



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