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Each commit in "Changes" links to "stash" rather than "bitbucketserver"


    • 3.2.0

      In a multibranch project using Bitbucket Server Integration as the branch source, when I view the "Changes" page of a branch in Jenkins, each commit has a link "stash" that refers to the commit in Bitbucket Server. Because Atlassian renamed the Stash product to Bitbucket Server years ago, I'd expect the link text to be something like "Bitbucket Server" instead.

      Perhaps this comes from BitbucketSCM.java or BitbucketSCMSource.java, both of which use hudson.plugins.git.browser.Stash rather than hudson.plugins.git.browser.BitbucketServer.

      The hudson.plugins.git.browser.Stash usage was added to BitbucketSCMSource in PR #258 for JENKINS-63071. The hudson.plugins.git.browser.BitbucketServer class was defined in git-plugin PR #1071 for JENKINS-39905 and released in Git Plugin 4.7.2.

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