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bitbucket-hook not triggering build job - trigger not set


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    • jenkins version: 2.277.4
      bitbucket push and pull request plugin version: 1.5
      OS: linux running on AWS ec2 instance
      running bitbucket cloud

      I am attempting to setup the  Bitbucket push and pull request plugin to run pipeline jobs when PR's are created, for any branch of a given repo.  

      I followed the configuration steps provided. but I am receiving a 500 status response in my webbook. The jenkins server is receiving the request but in my Jenkins server logs, the output is saying that "Trigger is not set". However I created several triggers for PR created, updated,  approved, merged, as well as a trigger for push. 

      In addition I  uninstalled Bitbucket plugin and restarted the Jenkins server, prior to installing this plugin as well. 

      I cant seem to get this to work. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. 


      Attached are screenshots of

      1. my pipeline job configuration, 

      2. My jenkinsfile

      3. my webhook setup 

      4. my webhook response

      4. my logfile.


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