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Work around MCOMPILER-346


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    • Java version: 11.0.13, vendor: Ubuntu, runtime: /usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk-amd64

      While working on Jenkins code using Java 11, I have repeatedly run into MCOMPILER-346, which makes it nearly impossible to resolve compilation errors. As a workaround, I have been switching to Java 8 to resolve my compilation errors, but that is no longer viable if we drop support for Java 8. I have just discovered a new workaround: running Maven with -Dmaven.compiler.forceJavacCompilerUse=true. Until MCOMPILER-346 is fixed, we should enable this workaround by default for all Jenkins builds. Otherwise, people compiling with Java 11 will get strange {{NullPointerException}}s or {{AssertionError}}s when their code doesn't compile rather than a comprehensible error message explaining the source of the compilation error.

            basil Basil Crow
            basil Basil Crow
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