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Upload test result to ALM failed to parse file with Java 11


      the ALM Plugin should support Java 8 and above, but after I switch to Java 11 the JUnit result file can not parsed by the plugin.

      15:33:37 [Checks API] No suitable checks publisher found.
      15:33:37 INFO: 'Upload test result to ALM' Post Build Step is being invoked by q-was-alm.
      15:33:37 INFO: 1 test result file found.
      15:33:37 INFO: Start to upload /usd/as97385a/work/jenkins/jobs/Introscope/jobs/agent_java-alm/builds/5/results_junit.xml
      15:33:37 INFO: Start to parse file: /usd/as97385a/work/jenkins/jobs/Introscope/jobs/agent_java-alm/builds/5/results_junit.xml
      15:33:37 Failed to parse file with: com.microfocus.application.automation.tools.results.parser.jenkinsjunit.JenkinsJUnitReportParserImpl
      15:33:37 Failed to parse file with: com.microfocus.application.automation.tools.results.parser.mavensurefire.MavenSureFireReportParserImpl
      15:33:37 Failed to parse file with: com.microfocus.application.automation.tools.results.parser.testngxml.TestNGXmlReportParserImpl
      15:33:38 Failed to parse file with: com.microfocus.application.automation.tools.results.parser.nunit3.NUnit3ReportParserImpl
      15:33:38 Failed to parse file with: com.microfocus.application.automation.tools.results.parser.nunit.NUnitReportParserImpl
      15:33:38 Failed to parse file with: com.microfocus.application.automation.tools.results.parser.antjunit.AntJUnitReportParserImpl
      15:33:38 ERR: There's exception while uploading /usd/as97385a/work/jenkins/jobs/Introscope/jobs/agent_java-alm/builds/5/results_junit.xml. Failed to parse file: /usd/as97385a/work/jenkins/jobs/Introscope/jobs/agent_java-alm/builds/5/results_junit.xml
      15:33:38 INFO: 'Upload test result to ALM' Completed.
      15:33:38 Build step 'Upload test result to ALM' changed build result to UNSTABLE
      15:33:38 [lockable-resources] released lock on [INTROSCOPE_ALM, INTROSCOPE_JAVA]
      15:33:38 Finished: UNSTABLE

      Based on Java 8 the JUnit result file was read by the Antjunit report parser.

      Any idea what is going wrong.

      I do all tests based on Jenkins 2.319.2, 2.319.3 and 2.332.2
      and Micro Focus Application Automation Tools 7.2 and 7.3

      The import works well in a java version "1.8.0_321" environment but
      does not with java version "11.0.14" 2022-01-18 LTS

      With regards,

            hildaboth Hilda
            lutzmad Lutz Mader
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