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    • Adapt to JENKINS-68249

      We have a responsibility to our users to perform due diligence when making breaking changes to the ecosystem. When making such changes, it is incumbent on us to enumerate the affected plugins and, for each one:

      • If the plugin is actively maintained, ensure a pull request has been created and ensure the pull request is merged and released prior to shipping the LTS.
      • If the plugin is not actively maintained, make a conscious decision to leave it behind, ideally also filing an update-center2 PR to formally mark the plugin as deprecated in the Update Center.

      This process has been followed for many other transitions, including JEP-227 and JEP-233.

      The presence of JENKINS-68250, JENKINS-68022, JENKINS-67737, and JENKINS-67176 (two of which remain in the "Open", rather than "In Review" or "Resolved", state at the time of current writing) indicate that such due diligence was not fully performed at the time of integration of JENKINS-68249.

      A systematic search should be done across sources and binaries for all currently supported (non-deprecated) plugins to see if they are affected by the changes introduced in JENKINS-68249. This ticket should be used to track the process of ensuring that each affected plugin gets released prior to shipping the LTS or gets (explicitly) left behind by a conscious decision.

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