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Inject gitea webhook payload into the build


      I'm in desperate need to access gitea webhook payload on the head (master) build because it contains information needed to produce a proper diff after PR merge. I've searched everywhere and have not found a way to access this data through public Jenkins pipeline objects.

      I found that for example, Bitbucket plugin does this simply via injecting payload to the environment: https://github.com/jenkinsci/bitbucket-plugin/blob/1492ad6ecc3de53b51f811bb16e83d6ac76c4809/src/main/java/com/cloudbees/jenkins/plugins/BitBucketPayload.java#L35

      I've tried looking into gitea plugin source to figure out how to add this but looks like it was written in a completely different way.

      I think this is a very important feature that will cover every possible use case and I assume it should not be hard to implement for someone knowledgeable of Jenkins internals.

      I hope someone could look into it or maybe knows and can share an alternative way how to access the payload. Thanks

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