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Allow disabling Ctrl+K search or changing the key combination


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    • Jenkins 2.361.1
      Mozilla Firefox 91.13.0esr on Windows

      jenkinsci/jenkins#6893 made the Cmd+K or Ctrl+K key combination activate the search box of Jenkins. However, I would like to keep using Ctrl+K for the search feature of the Web browser. Please add a way to disable the Jenkins-specific handling of Ctrl+K, or to move it to a different key combination.

      (I have configured Mozilla Firefox to display both an address box and a search box in the tool bar, and selected a private bug tracker as the default search engine. I used to be able to press Ctrl+K to activate the search box of Firefox, type the bug number, and press Enter to open the bug. Now that Jenkins handles Ctrl+K, the search gets directed to Jenkins instead. I can work around this by pressing Ctrl+K twice.)

      GitHub likewise uses Ctrl+K for its Command Palette feature, but allows users to change or disable this key binding.

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