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Pipeline console live viewing is bouncing (regression in 2.359)


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    • Jenkins 2.361.1 (ci.jenkins.io)
      unknown pipeline version
      chrome windows x64

      Jenkins 2.361.1 (local env)
      pipeline xxx
    • 2.378

      When viewing the pipeline jobs for a job that is in progress the logs bounce.

      This makes it hard to follow the logs, but is also a bit nauseating.


      Steps to reproduce

      1. create a pipeline like the following:
      sleep time: 1, unit: 'SECONDS'
      for (int i = 0; i < 1000; i++) {
          echo "hello - $i"
          sleep time: 1500, unit: 'MILLISECONDS'


      1. Start the job and open the console log

      Expected Results

      The logs scroll without bouncing allowing your eyes to either stay at the bottom of the log. or to follow an existing line upwards

      Actual Results

      The logs bounce.


      This may have been fixed in a later version on a weekly but has not been backported (has not yet been investigated)

      Appears to be caused by the new spinner being removed and then re-added.  (the spinner should not be removed until the logs are complete)

      I am pretty sure this is a regression since the previous LTS

      Using different amount of logs can make this appear much worse (e.g. a shell script that outputs a line every so often - which is pretty usual)

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