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Gradle jobdsl tests timing out since 2.357 - multibranchPipelineJob - loop over many repos


      Apologies if this is not the correct place to log this issue

      We have gradle tests that we run on our jobdsl jobs

      Since upgrading the jenkinsVersion we are getting timeouts for our tests, for a larger file which defines a number of repos that we loop over to create multi-branch pipeline jobs

      I have pinned this down to v2.357 introducing the issue, with v2.356 working as expected

      I have pushed the code to test to repo - https://github.com/psimms-r7/jenkins-2.357-breaking-job-dsl-gradle-tests

      Running "./gradlew test" here will fail, however amending the jenkinsVersion to 2.356 will pass

      See attached debug log

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