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deprioritize PRs created by user (dependabot)


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      It'd be awesome to be able to deprioritize builds started by Dependabot PRs.  

      More Words:

      Dependabot (https://github.com/dependabot) (https://github.blog/2020-06-01-keep-all-your-packages-up-to-date-with-dependabot/) - once configured, will periodically scan a repo and open PRs to update individual dependencies.  It can, and does, frequently open 50 PRs at once.

      If this happened in the middle of the day, on our infrastructure, it would take all day to process our tests for each of these PRs.  This would block normal business.

      Ideally, these builds should defer to builds initiated by other users/processes.  In my mind, these should be the least prioritized builds to run next.

      In the event a build needs to run by a non-dependabot user, I wouldn't necessarily cancel the dependabot build, but I wouldn't want others to start - thus freeing resources for the "normal" build to run.

      Cheers - thanks!

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