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Build link is not updated properly for lastSuccessfulBuild



       When using the Build Symlink Plugin of version 1.1 in our Jenkins (Version 2.361.4 with Java the build links for the successful builds are not being updated properly. As for our downstream jobs we will be fetching the lastSuccessful artifacts from upstream build this is causing a severe issue. Able to notice that 'permalinks' are updated properly, but softlinks are not proper and is causing problems for us.

        I have tried the below methods to fix the issue, but none worked:

      • reinstalled the plugin itself and restarting Jenkins.
      • Enabling and disabling of the plugin in Plugin Manager.
      • Deleting the last* soft links manually in server and rebuilding is updating the links properly but this solution is not feasible as we have large number of jobs.
      • As in Jenkins official page not able to see other supported plugins to upgrade or downgrade, we are stuck with this version 1.1

      Attached images of permalinks and softlinks for reference where the latest successful build is 187. Please support on how we can procced to fix this issue. Any suggestions and alternatives will also be appreciated.

      Thank you

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