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"Delete" button does not remove last item from f:repeatable section for global configuration


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      Items for repeatable section are not deleted correctly. It is not possible to delete last item. Add/update/remove works fine as long as there is at least one item. When last item is removed, form is saved and page reloaded - item is still there.

      Problem happens for the tab Manage Jenkins -> System (/manage/configure). I thought that this is the plugin problem but I found same issue for following plugins

      • Jira integartion
      • Sidebar Links
      • Github integration
      • Bitbucket integration

      Those use repeatable form for some elements and those can be configured globally in System tab. On the other hand I have tried to use Delete button for repeatable items that can be configured by Job and this works fine.

      I believe this is rather global problem with Jenkins or general plugin update after some changes in core functionality. Checked also Jenkins logs but no exceptions or errors was found.

      Verified with clean installation Jenkins 2.414.2

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