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Extra asterisks in the output logs


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      In the environment I am working, the current configuration and version messes with the output logs, and they contain extra asterisks around all the characters (screenshot attached). Though, the only character missing is e — this one is completely missing from logs.

      I have looked through Jenkins (and plugins) code and Jira, and have found few possible things:

      The thing is, it's only happening for Groovy defined DSL with Kubernetes (see screenshot, echo step before have normal logs; everything inside podTemplate has asterisks) and similar code:

          pipeline {
              agent {
                  kubernetes {
                      yaml '''
      apiVersion: v1
      kind: Pod
                      defaultContainer 'shell'
              stages {
                  stage('CleanWorkspace') {
                      steps {
                          script {

      Because anything inside stages will have asterisk, I guess it's either credentials-binding-plugin or kubernetes-plugin.

      I would appreciate help to narrow down this error and fix it.

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